Producing Video Lectures for HUMA 1301 and 1302


I’ve been working on some videos for my introductory humanities courses and thought I’d cross-post them to this site. I haven’t been updating the site very much, but I plan to change that very soon. For example, I now have a new page listed at the top of the site!

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Why Teaching a Humanities Course Is Harder Than It Looks

I’m teaching three humanities courses this semester and so far it’s been an interesting journey. There have been no major hiccups in the lessons I’ve given and the results of the quizzes and writing assignments I’ve assigned have been mostly positive.

However, there’s something about teaching a general humanities course that bothers me just a little bit. My field is the humanities… in a general sense. I don’t have a degree with “Humanities” printed on it, but I do have several degrees in the related areas of philosophy and literature, which counts as being qualified to teach a humanities survey course. The problem I see with offering a broad course in the humanities is that you will never be able to find an instructor who is fully qualified to teach it. Read More …